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Designed for your vehicle

We don’t do standard or off the shelf one fits all.  This unit is specifically designed for your vehicle and will fit perfectly with no gaps whilst maximising space and storage.  It will be cut to fit the shape and length of your vehicle, taking into consideration, height, depth and contours.  The back of the unit will be flush fitting to the side of your vehicle.

Our units are designed to make the most of the space available in your vehicle whilst being practical and usable.



Our units are probably the easiest in the industry to build, if bought as a flatpack self-assembly unit and you can use a screw driver, then building one will be a breeze.

We designed all our units with the novice builder in mind.  Using a cam and bolt type fixing, the same type you would find from a certain Swedish furniture manufacturer, our units lock together with rigidity and strength, no movement and flush fitting fixings. 

As all our units are CNC machined with precision, you won’t have to align pieces, or try hold them in place whilst trying to fix a screw in place.  All holes are pre-drilled, no guessing, no measuring, NO GLUE.

 All the hinges and drawer runners have adjustment, ensuring you achieve clean shut lines resulting in a professional looking unit.

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