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Bespoke Kitchen / Storage Units

Here at Custom Camper Kitchens we cater for all types of vehicles no matter how big or small.  If we don't currently offer a kitchen / storage unit within our catalogue that will suit your vehicle, then we can make something bespoke for you.  Even if we currently offer a unit designed for your vehicle, we will happily sit down and discuss changes to suit your requirements.  Many people want different openings, different access points, control units, and completely different layouts. 

From the initial measuring and design, to the build and installation, we take care of everything whilst working alongside you to achieve the best,  most practical kitchen and storage unit install within your vehicle.

Below are some examples of our recent bespoke builds including a rear kitchen unit with slide out hob, a big crafter build and of course, the famous VW script engraved in our units. The last photos show a bespoke build from a Renault Trafic, the customer came to us with a sketch of what he wanted and we designed the whole thing from scratch. Don't be afraid to ask for a custom build, it's what we do best!

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